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We prioritize your safety and satisfaction. Our team will assist you in planning your journey, giving you complete control for a safe and memorable trip.

How To Get Started

Planning your travels should be stress-free. We want you to enjoy  your trip as much as planning for it.  Set up your account with these simple steps: 

Download the app

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Set up your profile

Easy signup, less than a minute to set up your profile.

Create your own tour

Whether you want to lounge all day at the hotel, go surfing, indulge in delicious meals, or more, you can arrange it all with Tour By Me

Get everything done in one app.

Certified Tour Guide

Handpicked for their knowledge and passion, our guides offer immersive experiences, bridging the gap between the traveler and the true essence of a place.


Journey with freedom and flexibility using Tour By Me. From bikes to boats, cars to carriages, we provide a range of transportation options to suit your travel preferences.

Itinerary Details

Dive deep into your journey’s blueprint with Tour By Me. Access detailed itineraries, know what’s ahead, and tailor your adventures to align with your travel aspirations.

And many more . . .

From laundry to luxurious villas, motorbike rides to magnificent weddings—whatever you envision, Tour By Me has it covered.

We want the best for you

Safe & Reliable

Our geo-tracked journeys and verified drivers enable you to effortlessly share your route in real-time, providing assurance that help is just a button away.

Highest Quality

Professional drivers, modern vehicles, and the ability to control your journey preferences via the app. Our drivers have undergone training to provide comfort in your journey.

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Wade Warren

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Julia Arthur

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Journey Tracking

Each journey is tracked and you can share
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and family know where you are

Emergency Alert

Your safety is always our priority.
You’ll ride with peace of mind knowing
that help is just a button away

Our clients

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to book a Tour?

Open the App. From “Home” tab, choose “CREATE YOUR TOUR NOW” and then provide all the required details.

How do I know that my Tour Request has been accepted or rejected by driver?

All requests will automatically be accepted. However, if cancelation occurs, an email will be sent out. 

What if I got an emergency during a Tour?

Use our live chat option and messaged us your enquires. Or call us at +61 450 200 504 and our 24/7 support team will help you.

How can I seek help regarding my Bookings?

Head to our ‘Contact’ page and submit your enquires. Our team will reply to you as soon as possible. 

How can I pay for a Tour Booking?

Booking payment can be done through Debit/Credit card and PayID